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Re: Predators of the non-stealthy egg idea.

Seems to me the extinction by egg predation idea (does it qualify as a
theory?) is myopic.
        a) There is no evidence to support it.
        b) doesn't seem reasonable to have crossed many, many diverse
species all at                  relatively the same time period, all over
the world.
        c) Dinosaur reproductive strategies worked well enough for them to
dominate the earth for... well, we all know how long. It seems like another
one of the threats that was there all along (climate changes, diseases,
etc.) throughout dino existence whether it was from mammals or from other

>This thread is starting to bother me, we have evidence suggesting that
>dinos didn't have a big problem with egg predation, the recent
>oviraptor found had a huge number of eggs with him, and the brooding
>colonies of other dinosaurs don't seem to have an egg
>shortage. Finally it will be hard to explain how the nasty mammal egg
>eaters managed to eliminate dinos in places like Australia and New
>Zealand, The Americas, Europe Asia and Africa at roughly the same

Right on!

Whatever happened at the K/T boundary seems to have been unique and sudden.
Something that normal evolutionary adaptive processes could not catch up
with. Maybe a unique combination of stressful events and a bad timing
bolide, who knows?!!

S. S. Lazarus