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Raptor Red and T-Rex Green

>seem to expect the mellow fuzzies that populate zoos. _The Lion
>King_, _The Land Before Time_, _Raptor Red_(but at least Ranger Bob
>adds the element that it's not just the "bad guys" that kill); it's

You really shouldn't lump _Raptor Red in the same category with _The Lion
King,_The Land Before Time, etc. You're doing a disservice to your
profession by discrediting one of your own kind for bringing imagination
and story telling techniques to science. Of course, a work of fiction needs
elements of fiction. Paleontology needs Bakker and Horner and the like to
bring "dinosaurology" into the mainstream. Of course we realize that their
points of view are not dogmatic, but leaps of logic and intuition. Pretend
as you might, there's not much else you can do in this field. The beasts
are no longer here. You can't observe them. Most of what was true about
them will never be known no matter what. Belittling Bakker and _Raptor Red
for being Disney-ish is wrong and not wise. Big, big, big difference
between _Raptor Red and _The Land Before Time. Anthropomorphism is a
necessary evil in a work of fiction. Somehow the author must relate the
STORY material to its human audience. My guess is there will be alot of
similar negativity towards "The Lost World" sequel to Jurassic Park and it
hasn't even been made yet. This is unfortunate because you will probably
never come closer to the real spectacle of these beasts than in this
fabrication of a movie. I hope Bakker writes many more novels like Raptor
Red. We could use a whole series of these NOVELS.

S.S. Lazarus