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Re: Ultimate T-Rex

Joyce E. Green wrote:

>I taped the show and watched it last nite, zipping thru the
>commercials.  I thought its problem was not in the information but in
>the really lousy animation & editing.  When Currie, Sereno, etc. were
>explaining theories and showing bones, it was fascinating. Switch to
>a plastic T-rex lumbering thru a swamp or out of focus close-ups shots
>and it was amateurish and *very* boring.

I agree with you completely. That was my point. With the documentaries,
there is not the budget necessary to compete with commercial movies. We
need those commercial movies to spark imagination and generate interest.
They are exciting. But stylistically, these documentaries shouldn't try to
emulate them. They can't.

In showing the dinosaurs in life poses, the docu's should stick with the
montage sequences of the beautiful paintings that illustrate many of the
books. Or build a model but don't do crappy animation, just move the camera
around it. And they shouldn't re-use the same boring sequences over and
over in the same show. The director shouldn't have used the B-movie
technique of out-of-focus close up shots that you see in monster movies. In
a documentary, you really should see the animal.

The best of both worlds would be to have the real movie makers and special
effects gurus do these documentaries and then release these films in
theaters across the country like regular movies. I think the audience would
be there just like they are for Jurassic Park. Anybody in filmland

S. S. Lazarus