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Re: Raptor Unread and T. rex Gangrene

Roger A. Stephenson wrote:

> Sure intertainment has its place, and the public gobblesit up, but to say
> these works of fiction actually contribute to paleontology is a work of
> fiction in and of itself. To me the important thing for paleontology, in
> the eyes of the public, is accurate consistant presentation of facts. Make
> up stories, name dinosaurs whatever suits you, present vague ideas as fact,
> and you wind up with a confused public. This "advancement" is the kind that
> takes years to correct. Sorry S.S. Lazarus, but a series of "Raptor Reds"
> would do more harm than all the "Land Before Time" and "Lion King" tpye
> products the industry could crank out in 20 years.

Ponder this tho.....

If you knew nothing about dinosaurs, which would you find more interesting,
Jurassic Park or that thing on Discovery. Sure, Ultimate Rex was
informative and had Currie in it, but you have to be in dinosaurs to
appreciate it. How does one get into dinosaurs? Unless one is severely
bored, thru things like JP, King Kong, improperly mounted skeletons at
mueseums, whatever. Misinformative? sure! but how many people do you think
watched discovery sunday night, learned
they're first few facts on dinos and thought "gee, this is what i want to
do!". your lookin at single digits. Then, look at little misinformative
films like, oh, King Kong, Lost World, Gorgo, JP. Sure, they weren't
accurate, but how many people watched them, got hooked,  and went on to do
things in Hollywood or doing dino work in fields or labs, or at least, said
"wow! that's cool!". Then there's books and posters and statues and tons of
other mininformative dino-exposure that make people say "wow! that's
cool!". But then you have a 'confused public' on your hands. It seems
better to have a public confused on a topic then no public to that topic at
all. So get rid of all the misinformative stuff. Don't make anymore
dinosaur movies. Get rid of barney and saturday morning cartoons and King
Kong and the other misinformative stuff. And only then, if you think this
field will get much more popular thru Ultimate Rex, more power to you.

Like, just a thought and stuff....