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Re: Raptor Unread and T. rex Gangrene

In article <v01540b30ada37a1c26e0@[]>, Tompaleo@aol.com

>Bakker _is_ a paleontologist and produces
>fiction bordering on the ludicrous purely for consumption by the media and
>the masses is a discredit to the science! He should be chastized by his peers
>andf  it is the duty of the paleo-community to make their protests known
>privately first and publicly later if it continues.  From what I keep hearing
>and reading about this otherwise nice guy, it does continue.

I'd like to present my experience in support of the main argument for
Raptor Red, Jurassic Park, and other dinofiction - the kids think it's
great and they do get genuinely interested.  My oldest - nearly seven -
loved Jurassic Park enough to spend time looking through "The
Dinosauria" for pictures of the relevant bones.  He also spent a long
time insisting that I tell him all the arguments for and against T rex
being able to catch up with jeeps (thanks to all those who posted on the
subject recently).  I think he's benefited and I'll be a customer for

>He refuses to
>subject any of his more plausible hypotheses or findings to the rigors of the
>scientific method and peer review. He side-steps this by publishing his own
>"journal", books rife with untested speculation, numerous appearances on
>"documentaries"  as the "expert" on all facets of so called "dinosaurology"
>and some colorful  but wierd stuff!


This may make him a poor scientist but he's still a good entertainer and
all-around stimulant.  I think that "the community" should accept him
for what he is, and try gentle persuasion in the hope that he'll rejoin
science as well as continuing to entertain.

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