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Dinosaur Animation

In a message I posted earlier, I suggested that a really great CD-ROM
with dinosaur animation could be produced if Industrial Light and Magic
and The Dinosaur Society cooperated on a project supervised by a
committee of paleontologists. There are, of course, many other possible
combinations of animators/studios that could produce such a program, and
I did not mean to suggest that only ILM could undertake such a venture. I
personally still like Phil Tippet's animation, which was convincing
enough for Steven Spielberg's own kids to say, "Look, Daddy! A real
dinosaur!" when they saw the original _Velociraptor_ animations.

There is an animated sequence of, I believe, two Yangchuanosaurus
attacking a Mamenchisaurus that has appeared on a few documentaries and
CD-ROM's. Can anyone cite for me the animation studio that produced that
sequence? I thought it was extremely well-done and would like to know if
that studio has done other dinosaur animation.

I keep seeing and hearing references to a feature film project on which
Greg Paul was a consultant. Is there any new information on that venture?

----- Amado Narvaez