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There have been a couple of posts recently where the attributions have been
mixed up, resulting in people being connected with posts they did not

In order to prevent this and to make it clear to everyone whos material is
being quoted.  I suggest that everyone begin their post by naming the
author of the post they are replying to.

For instance, if someone, say Tom Holtz, replied to this message, he would

Chris Nedin wrote:

> [my message]

Tom's message

And if I were to reply I would begin:

Tom Holtz wrote;

> Chris Nedin wrote:

>> [my message]

> [Tom's message]

my reply.

Some mail applications do this automatically, but some do not.  It is good
'netiquette' to identify the person you are replying to.


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Many say it was a mistake to come down from the trees, some say
the move out of the oceans was a bad idea. Me, I say the stiffening
of the notochord in the Cambrian was where it all went wrong,
it was all downhill from there.