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Re: Ultimate T-Rex

On 4/24/96 Amado Narvaez wrote:

>Spielberg made a generous gesture toward education by allowing public
>schools to show _Schindler's List_ to high school students (with parental
>consent). Another generous gesture would be to have ILM create some
>generic CGI footage of some of the dinosaurs. (Please, though, no footage
>of spitting dilophosaurs or dilophosaurs with frills. As Joe Friday would
>say... Just the facts.)

>They could make it a commercial venture. How about a CD-ROM encyclopedia
>of dinosaurs produced by ILM and _carefully_ reviewed by a committee from
>The Dinosaur Society?

Excellent idea! There's no reason why commercial ventures from Lucas or
Spielberg couldn't collaborate with a Dinosaur Society committee. It might
be hard to sell to them as a donation situation since the process is quite
expensive (even though the CGI dinos can be duplicated through cutting and
pasting, the animating, rendering and compositing times are still
astronomical) but I think it has commercial potential. I think there would
be a sizeable audience for a hard science dinosaur documentary produced by
Spielberg/Lucas using CGI created at ILM and promoted like a blockbuster. A
CD-ROM would be a natural spin-off.

Maybe someone from The Dino Society should approach them with a proposal?

S.S. Lazarus

By the way, I know most of you will cringe but, there's some show called
Sliders on friday night that has a dino storyline. I don't know anything
else about it. It's some kind of fiction thing and it's on Fox so you know
it's going to be out there. The question is, how far?