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Re: Featherless _Mononykus_?

>On Wed, 24 Apr 1996 Stang1996@aol.com wrote:
>> Whatever for?  Is there some reason not to put feathers on _Mononykus_?
>Yes! The best reason there is - good science. No feathers have been
>discovered with this fossil.  :-)

Not really.  After all the vast majority of undisputed fossil birds also
lack feather imprints, and yet I would argue that it would be unscientific
to portray them WITHOUT feathers as they clearly are members of a clade
whose earliest known forms were feathered and for which no definitely
unfeathered members are known.  If Mononykus is viewed as being a member of
this clade it should be portrayed with feathers, as that would be a
parsimonious prediction given its cladistic placement.  If it is NOT placed
within the clade that is another matter, and I would certainly agree with
your statement as it applies to forms like (say) ornithomimids or
oviraptorids (though I am partial to Greg Paul's feathered restoratons of
these critters - and who knows, maybe they had'em after all!)
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