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Re: Other dino footage

Ray McAllister wrote:

>  If I am not wrong, a huge amount of footage in every movie ends up
> on the cutting room floor. I wonder how we could get some or all of the
> discarded foortage from Jurassic Park together in a short "documentary"
> with the excellent animations and models from the movie?

  I've seen the "outtakes" with dinosaurs from Jurassic Park at a Siggraph
meeting with
Steve Williams, head of the ILM computer department.
  It was done in a computer, so not much of the computer work made it to
film until it had
passed inspection in the computer.  Film is expensive.  Computer animations
and modelling is
even more expensive.
  Of the stuff to be worked on in the computer, well, most had been
approved during the 2
years the movie was in PREproduction, before filming started, so the scenes
with dinosaurs
to be in them were well thought out ahead of time. Except the brief
sequence of the baby
triceratops, which was for the animatronic, anyways.
  The stuff that got passed over was passed over in the dailies-the
sketches that updated
what the movie was to be each day.
  The "outakes" consist of booboos when the animators or modellers ran the
model through
it's paces backwards, or walked the T rex out of her own skin, and other
silly things like

However, the inhouse ILM t-shirt for teh production crew of Jurassic park
is a series of B&W
photographs of a veloceraptor doinga walk cycle, exactly like Eadweard
Muybridge's original
animals in motion photos, even teh same grid!

-Betty Cunningham