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"why don't film-makers make dino docs?"

Steven S. Lazarus wrote:>
> The best of both worlds would be to have the real movie makers and special
> effects gurus do these documentaries and then release these films in
> theaters across the country like regular movies. I think the audience would
> be there just like they are for Jurassic Park. Anybody in filmland
> listening?

   yeah, and the last time anyone got to do this for schools and dinosaurs,
well, it was DISNEY and his dang Fantasia Dinosaurs sequence....and they
were so WRONG so quick. If you let film-makers do it, you'll get just as
many in-accuracies as Jurassic Park did, what with the frill (how
thrilling!), the spitting acid (totally cool!), or the 9 foot long
"Raptor".  and this stuff isn't the right stuff to put in a DOCUMENTARY.
   yeah, it would be nice, but just like no one is paying the
paleontologists do this, no one is paying the film-makers, nad it costs a
LOT more to pay for a film crew that in does to pay one paleontologist.
(no offense meant, guys)