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Re: Ultimate T-Rex

Amado Narvaez wrote:
> They could make it a commercial venture. How about a CD-ROM encyclopedia
> of dinosaurs produced by ILM and _carefully_ reviewed by a committee from
> The Dinosaur Society?

ILM just won't make back the money it would have to spend on the making of
the CD-Rom. Look, I do THAT kind of stuff for a living (only for SEGA now).
Currently the CD Rom costs about $1.00 each for the CD part of it, and the
production for a movie quality cd-rom costs MILLLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!!!
Look, the Jurassic park CD ROM cost Sega $16 Million dollars all by it's
lonesome-not counting the liscence it had to buy from Universal.   It isn't
cheap, guys!!!!!!!!
At the time Sega was doing the JP CD ROM, (I wasn't working for them yet),
I figured that for the money SEGA had spent on that project, I could have
bought each person on the team a Ferrari, a HOUSE in LA, and put 2 SGI's on
each desk of every person on the team.

It won't happen soon, ok?!?

-Betty Cunningham
illustrator, animator, and likes to collect dead things