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Other JP footage

Mark Sumner wrote:
> In particular, there were several scenes filmed using animated
> skeletons.  These give a very clear view of how the animators
> have "mounted" and articulated the modeled dinos.

well.....sort of....
those were the actually test model that Steve Williams made when he thought
perhaps the stuff that they had developed during the Abyss and T2 could be
used to do organics believably for film. He made it to show Spielburg what
he had whipped up when Spielburg had announced that all the animation would
be stop-motion.
The very first thing he made was a dinosaur skeleton model, which he then
tried to animate, whipped up a cheap-and-simple background, and chose a
stylish view as he ran it passed the camera.  That was the same model, just
repeated over a couple of times in what you saw.

Spielburg liked it so much, he went from the 2 scenes that had been
scripted for computer animations to 20 minutes of animation in the whole
film.  Steve W wasn't quite ready for that much approval and he busted his
butt for the next year to get the ILM computer department up to speed for
the production of the movie.