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ILM Footage (the lacketh of)

> They could make it a commercial venture. How about a CD-ROM encyclopedia
> of dinosaurs produced by ILM and _carefully_ reviewed by a committee from
> The Dinosaur Society?

As cool as this would be, it probably won't happen.
If you conut every second of CG footage from JP, you probably wind up with
6 or 7 solid minutes.
And we'll pretend they did all that in a year (not counting all the
can-we-do-it test shots and
such). Heck, it took Steve (spaz) Williams, head main chief animation guy,
like a month just to
get the Rex vs Jeep scene right. They even (as the DID's were coming out)
considered hiring
animators soley for Park. Now if you want to do a dino-cd, which i'm
guessing would be a solid
hour of animation, mathmaticially youre looking at a decade or so, unless
ILM hires out just for
you. And that just makes it all the more expensive, no matter what kind of
deal they cut you. And
ILM can't turn away from the film industry for 10 years. And plus you need
to get Tippet's whole
studio on the job. Now the scenes for a Dino-CD would most likely would be
less complex then
those of Park (no human interaction or funny indoor composites), but we're
still looking at a lot
of money and a lot of wait. I think the only solution is to:

a)do it yourself (go talk to Betty for that)
2)contract to a slightly smaller party (Xaos, Area 52 or Foundation :), etc)
e)have non-pros do it (anyone without an SGI) :/

5)Or maybe stop-motion animation. CGI is too new. If done well, stop can
yield great results.
It's also been around long enuf to be, well, whatever you consider cheap.
So talk to Tippet as
opposed to Tippet+ILM.

until then....