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ILM Dino Documentaries

On 4/25/96 Betty Cunningham wrote:

>were so WRONG so quick. If you let film-makers do it, you'll get just as
>many in-accuracies as Jurassic Park did, what with the frill (how
>thrilling!), the spitting acid (totally cool!), or the 9 foot long
>"Raptor".  and this stuff isn't the right stuff to put in a DOCUMENTARY.

        No, filmmakers left to their own devices will go too far. But there
is no reason that a serious collaboration between the top filmmakers and
the The Dinosaur Society could not come together to make an exciting and
realistic documentary or docu-drama. The latter of course would probably be
less preferable in the scientific community with regards to creative
storytelling liscence, but more appealing to filmmakers in terms of
commercial viability. But it would be a possible compromise between
Jurassic Park and The Ultimate Guide to T-Rex. Sounds like an Oliver Stone
film. There must be some conspiracy in here somewhere. (Ha, Ha)
        The greater conflict might be in the scientific community deciding
on what representations are "most correct".
        Yes this type of venture is very expensive. It would have to be a
commercial venture. I think Jurassic Park effects can bring commercial
appeal to a hard science documentary. I may be dreaming but wouldn't that
be exciting?!!

S.S. Lazarus