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Re: Other dino footage

On 4/25/96 Betty Cunningham wrote:

>Spielburg liked it so much, he went from the 2 scenes that had been
>scripted for computer animations to 20 minutes of animation in the whole
>film.  Steve W wasn't quite ready for that much approval and he busted his

I've heard it quoted that if you added up all the CGI in Jurassic Park, it
amounts to just a little bit over 6 minutes.

Betty is right about the out takes. There are no CGI out takes. If it made
it to the point of being put on film, it is in the movie.

The resources are there to produce a Jurassic Park effects style
documetary. We need to prove that there is a large enough audience for it
to happen. Anybody have attendence figures for Dinofest '96?

S.S. Lazarus