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Ghost Ranch Taphonomy

Does anyone have any news of Ghost Ranch taphonomy, specifically, is there
speculation that GR a nesting site, or a mass kill in transit, or whatever?
Also, anyone with any scuttlebutt on the shame of the dinosaur world, the
theropod "cannibal" of Ghost Ranch, please to fork over knowledge or
references (library around here is pretty poor on the science, a summary
would be better).  Specifically, I'd like to know if there was more than one
example of this, which morphotype (gracile or robust, I'll bet it was the
latter) did the eating, if possible, which morphotype was lunch, how old the
mealasaurus was, and whether it was swallowed whole or not.
If anybody knows anything (and this holds in general as well), please holler.
I've been watching the Discovery Channel again.  It's not always right, but
it does give you ideas...
Jonathan R. Wagner

Jonathan R. Wagner
     Graduate student sanz portfolio