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Re: T-rex leg length & walking

On 4/25/96 Blaise wrote:

>I'd like some clarification regarding the issue of rex's leg length as
>mentioned in The Ultimate T-rex. First, how is it that 2 paleontologists
>(names forgotten, Horner v Currie?) can arrive at 2 different conclusions
>regarding bone length? Were they looking at the same specimen? Could
>differences have something to do with growth/age of specimen? If the
>thigh and shin are the same length, does that mean rex could both run and

I tore the ACL, miniscus and cartiledge in my left knee and had
recontructive surgery. A friend of mine who witnessed my surgery told me
afterward the the good doctor was making fun of me because my femur was
shorter than average and tibia was longer. Could it be that there is a
reasonably large variance amongst individuals? I can run pretty fast by the
way. At least I used to be able to before the surgery.

S.S. Lazarus