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SAMC I Meeting

[Moderator - apologies if you saw this on paleoNet, but it might be of
interest to some participants here]

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 2-5 September 1996

April 1996

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to invite your participation in the First Annual
Conference of IGCP Project 381 (SAMC I)  to be held next 2-5
September 1996 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, in conjunction
with the XXXIX Brazilian Geological Congress.

The meeting will focus on interdisciplinary presentations of
key topics of research and progress reports of geological
correlations for the South Atlantic Mesozoic, identification
of key areas and research objectives for the organization of
further working groups, and schedule for project meetings
(workshops and general meetings). Oral and poster presentations
will be arranged within the five "umbrella-type" Project
Working Groups:
        (i) Gondwana palaeogeography and stratigraphic correlations.
        (ii) Lower Cretaceous stratigraphic correlations.
        (iii) Lower Cretaceous palaeogeography.
        (iv) Upper Cretaceous stratigraphic correlations.
        (v) Upper Cretaceous palaeogeography and palaeoceanography.

Three SAMC I  related thematic symposia will be run as
parallel events:
        S 11 - Petroleum Systems (Chairman Marcio R. Mello).
        S 13 - Tectonic, Depositional and Evolutionary Aspects
        of Rift Type
        Basins (Chairman Hercules Tadeu F. da Silva).
        S 14 - Tectonics and Sedimentation in South American
        Basins (Chairman Peter Szatmari).

IMPORTANT NOTE - FIELD TRIPS:   The field trips offered by
the XXXIX Brazilian Geological Congress are all post-conference,
leaving Salvador on 7th September. There will be a SAMC I
pre-conference field trip (28-31 August) to the Jurassic and
Lower Cretaceous of the Reconcavo-Tucano basin. The field
trip named 'Cretaceous Marine Record and the K-T Boundary in
Northeastern Brazil: Sergipe, Alagoas and Pernambuco' will be
leaving Salvador on 8th September and ending in Recife,
Pernambuco, on 12th September, but will not include the
Potiguar Basin as originally planned. National and international
flights depart regularly from Recife to major destinations.
The field trip to the Araripe Basin has been cancelled due to
insuficient interest. Please note that registration for both
SAMC I  field trips will be handled by Eventus System Ltda.
(see address below). The estimate costs of SAMC I  field
excursions are expected to be similar to the ones of the BCG.
=46urther details about costs and registration procedures will
be sent within the next few weeks to all registered participants,
who have demonstrated interest in the field excursions.

        * The deadline is 15 May to submit an abstract for
either oral and/or poster presentations.
        * The submission of the abstract, registration and hotel
reservation have to be made directly with the Secretariat of
the XXXIX Brazilian Geological Congress (Eventus System Ltda.
Rua Oito de Dezembro, 547 - Gra=E7a - 40150-000 Salvador,
Bahia - Brazil - Tel./Fax: +55-71-2373090, E-mail:
        * Alternatively, you may send your abstract by fax or
e-mail (to: koutsoukos@cenpes.petrobras.gov.br; as either an
e-mail text or attached as a Word-text-file plus illustrations
- please note to send the illustrations only in a Mac-file:
Illustrator, Canvas or MacDraw), as soon as possible.
        * The abstracts should be written in English or French
with a maximum of about 1,000 words (8,400 type-
letters/spaces) on three letter-sized (A4) pages, including
        * If your illustrations are not available in a Mac-file
please send a copy by post.

        * We regret that we were not able to settle  with the
Organizing Committee for cheaper registration fees for SAMC
participants, who will have to pay the fees applied to all
non-members of the Brazilian Geological Society  (US$ 100. -
until 15 April 1996; US$130. - until 15 August 1996; US$150.
- during the meeting;  US$30. - only for undergraduate students
- proof must be presented upon registration).

We sincerely hope that you will be able to participate and
present some of the results of your research in an oral and/or
poster presentation at SAMC I.

We are looking forward to receiving your abstract and seeing
you in Salvador next September.

Best regards,

           Eduardo A. M. KOUTSOUKOS                Peter BENGTSON


IGCP Project 381 "South Atlantic Mesozoic Correlations"
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Mailing list "SAMC-Net" through listserv@vm.urz.uni-heidelberg.de

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Office tel.: +55-21-5986440,   fax:  +55-21-5986795
Home tel.:   +55-21-3258306,   fax:  +55-21-3254982
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