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Non-speculative topic

colin.swift@sympatico.ca wrote:

> If we stuck to the facts - just the facts, as Stephenson/Joe Friday would
> have it - then all any paleontologist could do is describe the fossils...
> NOT the creature they came from, but the fossils themselves; morphology,
> composition, placement in the bed, etc. - because these are observable,
> repeatable etc.  None of the threads on bolide impacts, stealthy
> egg-predators, swimming mammoths, tripping-up tyrannosaurs, sauropod feeding
> habits, would have any place in such a rigorously scientific discussion.
> One might well ask - what's left to discuss?

not much-apparently. Imagine paleontology without speculation or
intelligent guesses. people'd go
out in the field, dig something up, hual it to the meuseum, but wouldn't
mount it cause they
don't know for sure if it's a creature. it might not have even existed,
since no one ever saw it
alive. so this not-a-creature that never existed would sit in a basement,
unassembled because
noone knew how to assemble a not-a-creature-that-might-have-not-existed
since noone has ever seen
one assembled. all the non-speculative paleontologist's would then go home
in non-speculative
cars, read the paper, disbelieve it cuz they haven't seen any of it happen,
then live on in a
non-specultive stupor. boring!

if you limit yourself to facts, you'll never get anywhere. you said-

What facts do we know about dinosaurs?

1)   There are no (non-avian) dinosaurs known today.
2)   There are no known dinosaur fossils more recent than approx 65Mya.
3)   Dinosaur fossils include petrified bones, nests, eggs, footprints, skin
impressions and dino-doo-doo (coprolites).

ok. so if we took these rules and all the facts on all bones ever dug up,
we would never get any
cool meuseum ressurections or models or drawings or anything neat without
speculation. of course
you take a risk mounting a skeleton. it could always be wrong. but if you
want to stick to the
facts, then have a non-speculative day! leave the bones in the basement.
kill your imagination.
but, at least you will always know, that what little you've done is not
based on farse or
i dunno. maybe i skipped a step.