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New "Dino Ed" Book; Clip Art for Kids

I came across the following two dinosaur products recently that educators
on the list may find of interest:

1) _Dinosaurs: The Very Latest Information and Hands-on Activities from
the Museum of the Rockies_ by Liza Charlesworth and Bonnie
Sachatello-Sawyer. Scholastic Professional Books:New York, 1996. ISBN
0-590-4941240. Paperback: 12.95
    This is an interesting book of information and activities aimed
at children grades 1-3 but written for the teacher to use as a guide. It
uses occasional education lingo (e.g. K W L for what kids Know, what they
Want to know, and what they have Learned after a unit. There should be
an S for what they Still want to learn even after the unit is completed.)
    There are some nice reproducible masters (such as a chart in which
kids list what humans and dinosaurs have in common and what they don't
have in common).
    Horner's influence pervades the book. On the one hand it uses the
phrase "Horner thinks..." in reference to the scavenger/predator debate,
which shows surprising restraint (I would have expected "Horner
insists..."); but elsewhere there's a sidebar where Horner states that
there is proof that some dinosaurs were warm-blooded.
    It would be a valuable addition to a teacher's library. Used in
conjunction with other "dino ed" books (like _Dinosauring_ by Simmons,
Thomas and Beckman (Channels to Children, 1989) it does for primary
grades what the Craig Munsart book _Investigating Science with
Dinosaurs_ does for middle school.

2. CD-ROM Coloring Book by Softbit, Inc. This is actually a collection of
coloring book type pictures on a variety of subjects, but the dinosaur
section has 88 dino-related pictures for coloring. This is a hybrid
CD-ROM that works on both the DOS/Windows and Mac platforms. There are
many different dinosaurs depicted, but unfortunately there is no key to
the names. Relatively accurate renditions, again in a coloring book
    (Time out. I'm checking a set of print dinosaur coloring books in my
collection and, yes, the CD-ROM pictures are taken from that series
published by Checkerboard Press.)
    There's even a picture of Sir Richard Owen for the kids to color.
    I could not figure out how to copy the pictures to the clipboard, and
when I contacted Softbit, they said I'd have to use a screen capture
command (Mac users should know what that means). In this way, the
pictures can be used in other programs like KidPix, HyperStudio, etc.
    Softbit also said they were coming out with a revised, soup-ed up
version--so you may want to keep your eyes open for that. It's nice to
find a hybrid with pictures this good. Softbit's address is: Softbit
Inc., 1 Whitewater, Irvine, CA 92715.

----- Amado Narvaez