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Re: Ghost Ranch Taphonomy

From: "Se$or Jonathan R. Wagner" <jrw6f@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu>
 > Does anyone have any news of Ghost Ranch taphonomy, specifically, is there
 > speculation that GR a nesting site, or a mass kill in transit, or whatever?

There was a major article on that earlier this year.

Apparently it was a mass kill in a flood.  Whether it was "in
transit", or whether the animals were hanging out near the river
to catch prey that came to drink, is hard to say. Somebody pointed
out that at the right time of year (before modern hunting made them
rare) Nile crocodiles could congregate in the thousands along the
river banks, and suggests a similar "accidental" congegration,
rather than flocking behavior per se.

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