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Re: ILM Footage (the lacketh of)

On 4/25/96 Jeff Miller wrote:

>such). Heck, it took Steve (spaz) Williams, head main chief animation guy,
>like a month just to
>get the Rex vs Jeep scene right. They even (as the DID's were coming out)
>considered hiring
>animators soley for Park. Now if you want to do a dino-cd, which i'm
>guessing would be a solid
>hour of animation, mathmaticially youre looking at a decade or so, unless

JP being a first time deal for this kind of CGI animation took longer than
it will for future projects because it was the prototype (for
photo-realistic CGI dinos). As computer speeds increase, software evolves,
DID improves and more animators are trained, the production times for these
projects will improve dramatically. It will eventually be a viable project.

S.S. Lazarus