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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #49

Correspondent Ben Creisler reports finding an old work (1885) by Harry Govier
Seeley in which Seeley refers the Permian genus _Protorosaurus_ ("earlier
lizard," in the sense that "protero" is even earlier than "proto"; described
by Christian Erich Hermann von Meyer in 1830) to "the Dinosaurian order."
This qualifies _Protorosaurus_, now consiered an archosauromorph but by no
means a dinosaur, for inclusion in the Dinosaur Genera List, asterisked of
course. So add the following entry to the list:

Protorosaurus von Meyer, 1830*

This is not to be confused with the genus _Protorosaurus_ ("ancestor of
_Torosaurus_") originally proposed by Lambe in 1914 for the ceratopian now
called _Chasmosaurus_. Von Meyer's usage preoccupies Lambe's usage, so Lambe
changed the name to _Chasmosaurus_ later in 1914.

Genera count increments to 786