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Re: ILM joke - the REAL Conspiracy!

At 12:25 AM 4/27/96 -0400, Nick Pharris wrote:
>On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Steven S. Lazarus wrote:
>> Sounds like an Oliver Stone
>> film. There must be some conspiracy in here somewhere. (Ha, Ha)
>Perhaps we could convince Mr. Stone that the CIA killed off the dinosaurs.
>> S.S. Lazarus
>Nick Pharris
Actually, folks, that story's already been written!  And, the truth is far,
far more dire (hmm, can't find an emoticon for "ominous"!!!)

The story is entitled "Evolving Conspiracy", by Roger MacBride Allen, and it
appeared in _Dinosaur Fantastic_, an anthology of original short stories
about our vanished friends edited by Mike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg,
published by DAW Books copyright 1993.

Without giving too much away (you never know WHO is lurking!), the ultimate
source of the Grand Unified Conspiracy dwarfs even the CIA - and BTW, the
story's conspiracy theorist can even tie Oliver Stone in to it!

It's quite a chuckle - recommended reading!

Colin Swift
"This Parrot's DEAD!" - MPFC