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Sig file & more

Hello all,

Ray McAllister asked us to include a little more than just our names and
e-mail adds.

Here's my data:

Roger A. Stephenson
512 East Drilling
Morrilton, Arkansas USA 72110
Phone (days) 501-224-1757
Central Standard Time
Graphic designer and screen printing shop manager, and passionate Power
Macintosh user.
Formally studied the bible and was a Baptist minister.
Participant in Hell Creek formation dig(s) for dinosaurs and other fossils.
Home owner and liberal in political views
Married, 3 children by previous union(can't label that one a marriage).
Born 11/53 in Yakima, Washinton
5'-10" 170lbs. dark brown hair, brown & green eyes, part(1/4) Native
American the rest European.