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Re: asteroids and dinosaurs

Warning: picky comments on offtopic subject! :)

> From: Tompaleo@aol.com
> While large earthquakes and aftershocks would be a natural consequence of a 6
> mile wide asteroid, no one really knows for sure how severe they would be. It
> is now reasonably certain  that a large rock hit the Yucatan . Debate still
> lingers about the actual timing of the impact, it's actual size and of course
> weather or not the dinosaurs and many of their contemporaries bit the dust s
> a result. Likewise, the environmental consequences are also quite speculative
> but work is continuing this problem is being addressed. I can't speak about
> the seismological effects but such an impact would seem to produce quakes and
> aftershocks off the Richter Scale but there is probably an upper bound.

Technically, the Richter scale is open ended. You can't go off it.

As a practical matter, the upper size of earthquakes are determined by
the ability of rocks to hold stress. It's conceivable that an asteroid
strike create more seismic energy than any terrestrial earthquake

Aftershocks are thought to result from changes to the local stress
field due to the main shock. In other words, they are an effect local
to the earthquake. So my speculation is that there would be aftershocks
in the region of the strike, but aftershocks would not be a world-wide

Andrew Robinson