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Re: Fwd: Re: Ghost Ranch Taphonomy

From: tidwell@ix.netcom.com (Virginia Tidwell )
 > Stan says:
 > About Ghost Ranch Taphonomy:
 > There was a major article on that earlier this year.
 > Do you have a reference for this article?  Having spent many months
 > preparing Ghost Ranch material, I have been surprised to find that
 > there is little information about the taphonomy of the site available.

Not immediately available.  The results are summarized and discussed
in Colbert's recent book on the Ghost Ranch theropod (which he still
maintains is the same as the Petrified Forest theropod).

If you will send me e-mail at my home (sarima@ix.netcom.com), I will
try to find the reference, but I cannot promise I will be able to find

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The peace of God be with you.