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A DINOSAUROLOGIST'S DREAM [notice of a new project]

Because my projects often have the unfortunate tendency to become bogged down
in reviews, rewrites, and microediting, I held off posting this notification
about my newest publishing venture until the galleys were actually finished
and ready to print. This past weekend, I put the final touches on the first
installment, and it's going to press this week (all 49 pages of it!).

The project is called THE DINOSAUR FOLIOS. It's an illustrated, encyclopedic
treatment of the dinosaurs--ALL the dinosaurs--in looseleaf format on durable
paper, EVERYTHING I have in my files about EVERY species (synonyms and
renamings included!), such as diagnoses and specimen numbers, discovery
localities, taxonomic histories, etymologies, cladograms, and full reference
lists. There are dozens of illustrations of specimens, skeletal
reconstructions, and life restorations by paleo-artist Tracy Ford: EVERY
SPECIMEN of importance is pictured. Most of the illustrations for the entire
project are already done(!)--Tracy has his own interests that he's pursuing.
Major sections are peer reviewed for accuracy. It's an enormous amount of
information, representing years of research, which I why I have to publish it
in installments. If I were to wait until I put all the dinosaur data I have
into book form, it wouldn't appear in this century (quite literally), and I'd
starve. Also, the looseleaf format allows me to update previous installments
with information from and about new discoveries, and it allows the reader to
arrange the entries in whatever format he or she desires (alphabetically,
systematically, etc.). Whether you're merely a dinosaur aficionado or a
professional dinosaurologist, I guarantee you'll find this project
interesting, useful, and informative.

I also wanted to keep the project affordable, so I have kept the installments
to a size where I can sell them profitably for $5.00 _postpaid!_ in the
United States, $7.50 outside the US. I figure anybody can spend $5.00 a month
(or more frequently, as fast as I can produce the installments) pursuing his
or her dino interests. If I can recruit just a couple of hundred regular
customers, I can keep the project going INDEFINITELY, until all 786 genera on
the Dinosaur Genera List have been covered, as well as any new genera and
species described in the future. I have low overhead, and I love researching
and writing about dinosaurs; plus, I have lots of entries already researched
and ready to be formatted for printing (you may have seen some in THE
DINOSAUR REPORT, for example)--enough entries for the first couple of years
of installments.

A few weeks ago, I posted preliminary ad copy for THE DINOSAUR FOLIOS to a
couple of the paleontology newsgroups. Order forms were also distributed at
the recent Dinofest 2 in Arizona. So orders have already started trickling
in. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET STARTED with Installment #1, e-mail me at


By return e-mail, I will send you the text of my order form, which describes
the project in detail (amid much hype) and specifically lists the contents of
Installment #1. It also outlines the ordering procedure--which is basically
to send $5.00 or $7.50 to my PO box.

THE DINOSAUR FOLIOS, once installments start appearing regularly, will
eclipse forever all other so-called "dinosaur encyclopedias." I'm not
kidding: you've got to see the entries in Installment #1 to appreciate them.
[E.g., 14 pages and 43 cited references on _Albertosaurus_ alone (not
counting _Gorgosaurus libratus_, which will appear under _Gorgosaurus_ in a
different installment)--reviewed by Phil Currie!] Over the next few years,
THE DINOSAUR FOLIOS will comprise more than 3000 pages, and it will become
the prime source book for detailed factual dinosaur information for everyone.