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I've encountered a selection of genera that mean nothing to me, and any info on
them at all would be appreciated. Between 1993 and 1995, Nessov created
_Kuszholia_ and _Platanavis_. I suspect that these are Mesozoic birds, but
knowing of the quality of most of Nessov's taxa I doubt if they'll prove
spectacular. Nessov also named a new pterosaur: _Bennettazhia_. Ref? Could this
name hint at an azdarchid assignment?

One for the Tertiary palaeornithologists: is _Macrahinga_ the giant darter (2.4
m wingspan) reported from the Amazon site that yielded _Purassaurus_ (see
Campbell & Frailey 1990-1)?


I have Sanz and Bonaparte's paper on _Iberomesornis_, but I don't recall them
creating the order Iberomesornithiformes for it. Perhaps I'm mistaken.. if not,
is this done elsewhere? The Order is used in The Zoological Record listing.

Finally, what (besides 'sauropterygian') is Chatterjee's _Mortuneria_?

Thank y'all.