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My personal background is as follows:

paul w sparks
rte3 box293L
heathsville,va 22473

I have a PhD in physics, was a naval officer involved in nuclear power,
submarine design, and combat system design. After the Navy I formed an
engineering company with one other guy. I had to quit due to health, and now
the company is up to 150 people.
I got into dinos thru an interest in collecting invertabrate things which I
still find fasinating. I have started painting and writing poetry about the
fartherset things from my past that one could amagine. I live in the country
on the nothern pennisula of virginia (called the nothern neck).

My email is      pwsparks@aol.com or psparks@crosslink.net
telephone is (804) 580-8929
                  (804) 580-6823(fax)

Hope this is what is being looked for.

paul sparks