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In response to the request for who what and where we are, my sig says most of
it, the rest is:

I move alot, my current plans change approximately once a week, and have
since I graduated from the University of Virginia, and all I can say is that
if you're going to be in central Virginia in the next three months, e-mail
me.  After mid-August, if you're going to be in Lubbock, Texas any time in
the next three years, look me up.

Jonathan R. Wagner

P.S.  To whomever it was who wanted to understand cladograms (I forgot, my
     Good luck!  I've been staring at the things for two years.  Being
uneducated in the ways of cladistics, I have tried to reproduce them, and my
best guess (Tom Holz, go easy on me)

[moderator - I don't see why he should, you can't even get his name right :-)]

is that you take a set of characters,
and figure out which critters have which ones.  Then you take the critter
with the most characters and put it on the far end of a line.  Put the one
with the least characters IN COMMON WITH THE FIRST TAXON as branching from
the base.  Then you arrange the rest of the taxa as branching higher and
higher based on their having more and more characters in common with the most
derived one (first taxon you picked).
     This is an oversimplification, and my have nothing to do with reality,
but should give you a fair idea, AND make me look like a dunderhead (two
things I like to do, educate and look silly).

Jonathan R. Wagner
     Graduate student sanz portfolio