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Re: What do we know about dinosaurs?

On 4/29/96 Paul Willis wrote:

>This way (and a few other ways) is where what some people do is out side of
>science while what most of the rest of the community do is as good a
>science as any biochemist or astrophysist does (probably better in many
>cases!). So don't
>try the fools gambit of "He is just another speculator like the rest of
>you". It just ain't so.

The point about the facts vs. speculation argument as it relates to
paleontology is one of degree. This is not a black and white issue. There
are many shades of grey. All judgements must be made on imcomplete data. No
matter how sure or un-sure some speculations are, their ultimate reality is
unknown. Some seem much more apparent or "right" than others. The farther
one exptrapolates from  speculation the more shadowy that speculation
becomes. That is the case when imagining a whole world from fragmented
clues left behind. Ask a physicist about the speed and location of an
electron and he can only "approximate" both. And the electron is right
there in front of him, here and now! That's a little apples and oranges but
the point is, don't be too sure of what we know, and what we don't know.
Keep and open mind and be careful with that flamethrower!

S. S. Lazarus