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Subject: Re: Sig . Lines

Ray McAllister writes;

>         It occurred to me as I read your last post that we have some
> extraordinary folks in this group. Some post their affiliation, address,
> etc but others are almost total mystery to us. Would it be unreasonable
> for each poster and lurker who has not included a signature with that info
> to put a one time list so we could communicate by snailmail, by calling
> when in town, etc.

Just for fun, I will give up some info as well.

Richard Hengst,
Biologist, Research Area = Dinosaur Respiration, Dinosaur Physiology
Born 1943
Passion for Dinos, Sailing, Bicycling (summers), and Skiing (both kinds)
the rest of the tag is below.

Rich Hengst
Dept. of Biol. Sci.
Purdue Univ. North Central
Westville, IN  46391
Office  219/  785-5251
Fax  219/785-5355