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dwn194@soton.ac.uk (Darren Naish) wrote:

<<I've encountered a selection of genera that mean nothing to me, and any
info on them at all would be appreciated. Between 1993 and 1995, Nessov
_Kuszholia_ and _Platanavis_. I suspect that these are Mesozoic birds, but
knowing of the quality of most of Nessov's taxa I doubt if they'll prove
spectacular. Nessov also named a new pterosaur: _Bennettazhia_. Ref? Could
this name hint at an azdarchid assignment?>>

By complete coincidence, I happed to post Dinosaur Genera List corrections
#50 today, which includes info about Nessov's 1992 paper in which he names
_Kuszholia mengi_ and _Platanavis nana_ (and also the new species but not new
genus _Zhyraornis logunovi_). The reference is available through our pal

Nessov, L. A., 1992. "Obzor mestonakhozhdenii ostatkov ptits Mesozoya I
Paleogena SSSR i opisaniye novikh nakhodok [Review of localities and remains
of Mesozoic and Paleogene birds of the USSR and the description of new
findings]," Russkii Ornitologicheskii Zhurnal [Russian Journal of
Ornithology] 1(1): 7-50.

_Bennettazhia_ is Nessov's new genus for _Pteranodon oregonensis_, which he
considered an azhdarchid (as you surmised). Tracy has the reference,
naturally; the name is created in a footnote, faunal list, or caption in one
of Nessov's pterosaur-bird papers.


<<I have Sanz and Bonaparte's paper on _Iberomesornis_, but I don't recall
them creating the order Iberomesornithiformes for it. Perhaps I'm mistaken..
if not, is this done elsewhere? The Order is used in The Zoological Record

It's in their paper, on the very first page. You're talking about the paper
in the LACM bird symposium volume, yes? Honoring Pierce Brodkorb?