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     I would normally stick non-dinosaurian stuff at the end of a posting
that did have something about dinosaurs, but since this is about me, I won't
contaminate it with lesser material (since rleatively speaking, nothing else
very relevant).

Jeffrey Warren Martz
6', 150lbs, born 2/75
brown hair, brown eyes
very sexy
The LN stands for "little naked".  Its complicated.

Undergraduate (finishing sopomore year) at Colorado State University
282 Ingersoll Hall (for the LAST year)
C.S.U., Fort Collins Co.
7081 S. Uinta St.
Englewood, Co.

    C.S.U doesn't have a paleontology department, so I am majoring in Zoo
and minoring in geology.  When it comes time for graduate school, it will
be interesting.  I get decent grades.  Have worked on and off as an high
school intern and later volunteer for Ken Carpenter at DMNH for slightly less
than three years.  Been on DMNH Canyon City feild trip twice.  Worked as an
intern at Ashfall State Park in Nebraska summer before last.  First published
technical paper "First Occurance of _Platecarpus_ (Reptilia: Mosasauridae) in
Colorado" due out in July.  Will probably describing another mosasaur from
Colorado (Ken thinks Prognathodon) in DMNH collections this summer with
another museum volunteer.  Broke the museum's original (mostly plaster)
_Stegosaurus_ skull with my head but eluded execution.  I'll be
dropping off the list next week after finals are over for the summer.  The
Geology Department head down here just cancelled C.S.U's only
Paleontology class. Mostly invertebrates, but I'll kill him anyway.

LN Jeff