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Re: Sig file & more

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Roger A. Stephenson wrote:

> Hello all,
> Ray McAllister asked us to include a little more than just our names and
> e-mail adds.
> Here's my data:
> Roger A. Stephenson
.et cetera...

Well, I didn't realize we had to give our whole FBI dossier!  However,
I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to talk about myself, so if anyone is

IBM user
Lutheran (ELCA)
full-time college student--considering major in math and/or linguistics
amateur paleozoologist, linguist, and taxonomist
basically liberal politically
born 3/15/77 in Olympia, Washington
6' 2" or so, ~250 lbs.  Brown hair, blue eyes.
1/2 Norwegian, 1/8 Danish, 1/8 low German, 1/4 English, Scotch-Irish,
Swiss, and other European mish-mash
genealogy buff (in case the above didn't tip you off)

Gosh, I hope that guy who's been stalking me isn't on the list!


Nick Pharris
Pacific Lutheran University