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Re: Ohh, do I hate to do this! (JP)

Jay Reynolds Freeman wrote:

>  I keep having silly thoughts about a _T._rex_ that squats on webbed
>hind feet, and every so often emits a loud "CHUGARUMP", leaps into the
>air, sticks out its long tongue, and catches a pterodactyl...

Yeow!  You been reading too much Sipder Man <g>.
It'd be easier as a research subject just to try to "activate" dormant
genes in birds for scales, teeth, fornt claws, etc. I heard this proposed
for a research study but one that would have to wait until we know more
about gene mapping---it still wouldn't be a dinosaur, but if birds truly
did evolve from them their genes would still be carried, at least so the
theory goes.

Seth A. Ellestad.