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?'s about reptiles and a worm

These questions aren't specifically about dinosaurs, but this group may 
be a good place to ask.  (You might think these questions are basic 
enough to readily find the answers, but that's simply not the case.)

1.  Are other reptiles besides squamates known to have overlapping 
(lizard-like) scales?  (I know that some squamates don't.)

2.  Did the tuatara inhabit more of New Zealand than it does now (just 
small islands) immediately prior to the arrival of Europeans, or even of 
the native New Zealanders?

3.  Do dominantly insectivorous lizards have truly determinant growth (or 
do they continue growing very slowly in adulthood)?

4.  I know I'm pushing my luck here on this one.  Can someone tell me 
where to find information on locomotion of nemertean worms?  Some other 
discussion group, perhaps?  I've looked in all published sources I know 
about, and the info I need just isn't there.  (I'm asking because I have 
some Pennsylvnaian crawling marks that look like they may show behavior 
that has been observed in certain circumstances in modern nemerteans.  No 
evidence of nemerteans has ever been reported from the fossil record!) 

For the last one, please just e-mail me direct.  Thanks.

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