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Jurassic Park Errors

        If people are going to criticize the scientific accuracy of JP,
it would be nice if they at least got their facts straight first.
For example, J. B. Bennington (in American Paleontologist, V. 4, no. 2,
pages 4-7, 1995) states that the scene where the raptor fogged up the 
window in the door to the kitchen is in error, because "this implies both 
a moistening of inspired air while in the respiratory system as well aas 
a body temperature elevated well above that of the ambient environment-
both traits associated with endothermic (warm-blooded) animals", 
apparently assuming (a) that dromaeosaurs were ectotherms, and (b), that 
ectotherms cannot condition inspired air.

        Sorry...both lizards and crocodiles are fully capable of warming 
inspired air and exhaling it at a temperature below that of the body 
and above that of external temps, so the raptor could have fogged up the 
kitchen window, regardless of its physiologic status.  See the refs below.

Murrish, D. E., & Schmidt-Nielsen, K. (1970) Exhaled air temperatures
        and water conservation in lizards.  Respiration Physiology,
        v. 10, pp. 151-158.
Wolkomir, R., & Wolkomir, J. (1996). Alligator serenade.  Wildlife 
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        Guy Leahy
        Dept. of PEHR
        Western Washington University
        Bellingham, WA 98225