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Re: rebbachisaurus

In a message dated 96-08-01 14:22:56 EDT, bobtess@dinoart.com (Walters &
Kissinger) writes:

> I'm looking for visual reference material on the sauropod
> rebbachisaurus, from the early cretaceous of Morocco.  I need
> photographs or drawings of the specimens or any possible
> reconstructions of the skeleton, as I have to paint this critter for
> a book I'm illustrating.  In particular, if anyone knows of anywhere
> I can find information about the configuration of the very tall
> neural spines on the dorsal vertebra, I would appreciate it.  I
> would also be happy to use textual descriptive information from any
> papers that may have been written about this animal besides Lavocat
> 1954, and Lapparent 1960a.

Good luck. I've been looking for exactly this kind of info on
_Rebbachisaurus_ for years. The best I came up with is a couple of blurry
photos of the one known tall posterior dorsal vertebra, which is in pretty
poor condition but nevertheless on display in Paris. Maybe a short trip to
that city would be in order.

Some sources suggest _Rebbachisaurus_ resembled _Amargasaurus_, but until
more of the presacral column is found, this should be regarded as just one of
many possibilities.