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ScienceScan briefs

ScienceScan has the following items:


A nest of dinosaur eggs was loaned to The San Diego Natural 
History Museum
from the Rocky Mountain Natural History Museum in 
Bozeman, Montana.   Once in San Diego, the eggs were 
scanned using X-rays, a CAT scanner, and SUN 
microsystems computer to generate three dimensional movies 
of the interior of the eggs.  All of this was done at night in a 
hospital, when the facility was not being used for humans.  
This web site describes this experiment in detail. Previous 
attempts to reveal information about what is in the interior of 
the eggs had been unsuccessful, resulting in the destruction 
of the fossilized eggs themselves.

Go to http://infolane.com/infolane/apuniv/dinoeggs.html to 
learn more about this experiment.

[ You might want to be patient with the above... William and I have
  both tried it, and it doesn't exist.  Infolane hosts web pages for a
  lot of different schools, but none seem to fit "apuniv".  Hopefully
  the site will come alive at some time in the near future. -- MR] 


Skullduggery has an illustrated on-line catalog which show 
its collection of fossil replicas, sculptures, and other items for 
sail.  Of particular interest is its collection of images 
illustrating its fossil product line which include a Smilodon 
and Allosaur skulls to name a few.  This site also includes:
* "Dino Doings" - A monthly scientific contribution by 
George Olshevsky.
* An educational science series was designed specially for the 
* Nature Links and Other Interesting Sites

Go to http://skullduggery.com to explore this on-line catalog.