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Re: JP - Fog DNA

[For the record, I think this message was probably a little more harsh
 than it needed to be, and Tom does know what it appears he doesn't
 know below.  He just misread the question...  Now I hope it's clear
 why I was hoping to kill this thread.  In any case, the information
 below is generally considered to be correct and probably well worth
 distributing since NOT everybody knows this by now.  -- MR ]

Tompaleo@aol.com wrote (first quoting Ken Sharman):

>> ) Which is the current group of animals closest to the dinosaurs -
>> frogs or birds...?
>It's still the Archosaurs. Crocodyles!  The only surviving archosaur group.

And this guy calls himself a palaeontologist? Sure, the crocodylians are
the most closely related extant animals to dinosaurs, because birds _ARE_
dinosaurs! And they're _ALL_ archosaurs! I really thought that everybody
knew this by now.