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Re: Defending JP

Raptor wrote:

> I look forward to Lost World.  I've known about it even before the
> book was out.

Originally before Hollywood got its greedy hands all over it Crichton was
going to write a sequel anyhow--he left the story open.  Now that it's a
big -ass movie, and they want to make "Jurassic Park 2, the Quest for More
Money", he just zapped off a hastily contrived ready-for-screen sequel to
appease the producers.  You can tell he either hadn't finished the story or
just quickly wrote one up to go right to screen---if JP hadn't become a
movie, we'd have been a lot more likely to see another fine work for the
sequel.  Just sold himself out for the money.  The reason I am annoyed by
all this is that this is CRICHTON--come on, did anybody really think that
Congo was made the way he wrote it?  No way--it was butchered!  The only
things that saved that movie from hitting absolute rock bottom were Bruce
Campbell and Ernie Hudson.  Crichton, remember wrote acclaimed works such
as "The Andromeda Strain", "The Terminal Man", and the original book
"Jurassic Park".  And produced the movie "Westworld"  and the TV series
"ER".  I hope his next work whatever it is is to the standards of his
earlier books again.

But this is off topic, so I digress.

Seth A. Ellestad.