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Re: JP - Frog DNA

Ken Sharman wrote:

> Just a quick footnote on T-Rex and other DNA in JP.
> As for using Frog DNA. A much wiser choice would have been ... Chicken
> DNA.The choice of frog DNA is quite unwise for 2 particular reasons.
> 1) Frog DNA is long and it would be time consuming to find the right parts.
> Bird DNA has been streamlined over time and a lot of "junk" has been lost.

chickens don't have the plot complication of turning females into
males if they have no males to breed with, and the book specifically
mentions an African frog with that characteristic, whose genes were
used in splicing, so that there is an excuse for the burgeoning
population of dinosaurs.  Cheap gimmee plot-thickener.

-Betty Cunningham
(who still thinks a scene with the Compys eating the baby would have
been good summer Hollywood movie fun)