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Nick Longrich wrote:

>        The article noted that this bird was about the size of a
>goldfinch- I don't know what a goldfinch looks like, but I assume, not
>too large.

You don't know what a goldfinch looks like? Why not?  There are US and
European forms and theyu are all over the place.  They are about the size
of the House Sparrow (actually a type of finch, introduced into the US from
Europe).  American type is bright yellow with black wings &white wing bars,
being mustard drab in the winter (and female year round).  European type is
drab mustard with dark wings and gold/red/black/white face/head markings,
female similar to the US variety.  No it is not large, as I said it's a
pretty small bird.

Seth A. Ellestad.