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Re: JP - Fog DNA

[Nearly all of the "new" information in this message has previously
 been distributed, but this message includes an indirect plea from
 Tracy Ford (TLFORD@IX.NETCOM.COM), and since he's helped so many of
 you...  Tracy, I hope it's ok with you that this message was made
 public.  Also note that the following editorial comment is not from
 me.  I always indent and end with "-- MR".  Just in case you're also
 confused when others use square brackets.  -- MR (i.e. Mickey Rowe in
 case you're new around here)]

[It would appear that responses to my "Re: JP - Fog DNA" (yes, I do know
how to spell frog!) rant have been re-directed to me personally, rather
than to the list as a whole. However, I thought that the following
information might be of interest to the list as a whole. If anybody _does_
know how the "tuatara myth" started, please let me know.]

Tracy Ford wrote, in response to my dinosaur relatives rant:

>What about the basel Archosauromorph, the sphenodont Tutatara (or how
>ever you spell it).

The idea that the tuatara (that's the correct spelling) is closely related
to the dinosaurs is an oft-repeated myth that I would love to know the
source of - I think it may have started from the factual statement that the
tuatara is a "living fossil" reptile from the age of the dinosaurs. That
does _not_ mean that it was a close relative of them, however. In fact, it
may not even have been an archosauromorph: while the rhynchsoaurs
apparently were, the sphenodonts (which includes the tuatara) are now
usually seperated from them and placed among the lepidosaurs (which
includes all modern reptiles _except_ for the crocodylians (or
crocodilians, depending on your spelling preference) and