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[Don't blame me if biographies flare up again... I only work here.  At
 least this one contains mostly material relevant to the list.  -- MR ]

Hello all,

     I thought that I would take this opportunity to introduce myself into
this mailing list. I have never subscribed beofre to a list and have no idea
what is the norm, but I figured that it would be the pleasant thing to do.. ;-)

     My name is Dana Geraths, I am a paleontological illustrator and
sculptor working out of my studio in Salem,OR. I have been working in the
field of paleontology for a number of years now and have been lucky enough
to be published in several magazines and books since my carreer started. 

     I thought it would be a lot of fun talking with others interested in
the study of these facinating animals that make up Dinosauria, rather it be
on a professional basis or simply casual in its content. If anyone would
like to see a short summary and some pictures of my work go to
http://www.indyrad.iupui.edu and go into the INTRO section. 

     I have been studying prehistoric wildlife for most of my life and have
always enjoyed the company of those who share my interest. I am looking
forward to talking with you all and I hope these wonderful conversations can
EVOLVE into lasting friendships!