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Re: Defending JP

Raptor wrote:

>"The quest for more money?"  Cute.  Don't you  with you were making it.
>Yes the book did seem rushed, but there will be some good parts in it.
> From what I've heard they are going to try to make this one look "right".
>Hopefully you people will enjoy it for the fun.  Like I said I look
>forward to it and have been waiting for a sequel since '93.  More more
>more.  There were funny parts like in the chapter called power and some
>good supensful ones.  So brign on summer of '97.

I still wished that Dr. Levine, the 30-ish Yalie dinosaur paleontologist,
spouted some cladistics once in awhile... :-)

>And here's a question for the rest of you that I've been wondering.  Is
>Argentinasaurus (sp?) the largest known sauropod?  If so how big do they
>think it is.  If not what is the biggest?  Bye

It's spelled "Argentinosaurus", and from the material I have seen, it is
clearly larger than the U.S. giants (Supersaurus, Seismosaurus, etc.).
There are isolated limb bones of Argyrosaurus and "Antarctosaurus" giganteus
which may represent equally larger younger (late Late Cretaceous)
titanosaurid sauropods.

Estimates of 80 to 100 metric tonnes (with Seismosaurus at 60-65 metric
tonnes) sound correct to me.

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