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Re: Troodon rarity

Orig-To: rstephen@cswnet.com (Roger A. Stephenson)
References: <9607261505.AA13056@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu>

rstephen@cswnet.com (Roger A. Stephenson) writes:

>Instead I seek informed opinions as to why there is so little material from
>troodontidae found in the US.

We also found possible Troodon parts (teeth & claws) at our dig
in Northern Montana, so I don't think they are that rare.
I have an affinity for Troodontids; hence the name of my machine.

But it was truly a thrill to see the world's best-preserved Troodon
skeleton last week at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  This marvelous specimen
is fully articulated and complete, although curiously folded upon itself.
Each of its claws including the ones on the hands are clearly visible,
perfectly preserved all the way to the sharp tips.  It was not found
in the US however.

More on these later when I post my full trip report.

Achut Reddy                     So many fossils... so little time!